Editor’s Note: California pushes itself to improve efficiency and agility by capitalizing on innovative technology solutions that enhance performance. From time to time, CDT will publish California Innovative Project Profiles to showcase some of the innovative IT solutions that are part of California’s progress.

Managing Major Transportation Investments

In 2018, the California Department of Transportation launched the California State Multi-Modal Accountability and Reporting Tool (CalSMART) in support of Senate Bill (SB) 1 initiatives – California’s single largest funding commitment to transportation with more than $700 million dedicated to transit each year. Through CalSMART, Caltrans’ partners are able to apply for Local Streets and Roads (LSR) funding for transportation projects.

CalSMART collected 2017-2018 funded LSR and State of Good Repairs (SGR) projects expenditure reports. This innovative reporting tool exemplifies Caltrans’ and the California State Transportation Agency’s commitment to transparency and accountability. It ensures that SB1 projects will be processed efficiently so Caltrans and partners can address the safety and repair of the state’s roadways and infrastructure, and provides transparency by allowing Caltrans’ partners to see how SB1 funds are being spent.

CalSMART helps to improve California’s highways and local streets, bridges, and transit systems that provide broad economic benefit to every community. The result is an improvement in the Golden State’s overall quality of life.