Life at CDT: From the Viewpoint of Student Assistant Vishal Keshav

While in my senior year at CSU Sacramento, finishing a major in Business Administration with a focus on Management Information Systems, I followed a path that brought me to the California Department of Technology (CDT) as a student assistant.

At CDT, I have had the opportunity to work with several internal departments and learned first-hand how the organization’s approximate one thousand employees interact as a team. Currently, I am adding support to CDT’s Department of Broadband and Digital Literacy by assisting on its Tribal and Surplus Equipment task forces, as well as with CDT’s vendor relations.

Since I began in December 2018, I have been able to leverage my educational and networking skills to assist staff on many different projects. I would describe my time at CDT as being part of a large network splayed out like a spider’s web, where every department in California and its employees are connected for the purpose of improving the lives of its citizens.

I take great pride in being a Californian and want to make a difference in my state. To me, that means keeping a professional attitude and a goal to work with a government entity to improve the community around me. Being part of the CDT team has been both rewarding and humbling.