CDT’s Innovative Electronic Bids Better, Greener and Faster than Paper

CDT’s Statewide Technology Procurement has been piloting an electronic submission for bids and proposals since May of this year with the goal to eliminate the complexity found with paper submissions in the IT procurement process.

e-Procurement processes are becoming more common as their benefits have become more apparent. The main reasons many government entities have switched from paper to electronic procurement is because of increased productivity, better visibility into day-to-day transactions, reduced costs and ease of use for bid and proposal submissions.

Electronic submission brings a newer, faster and more efficient process than the traditional trail of paper documents. Not only can e-Procurement build a repository of electronic documents, but it will do it with greater security, as well as with increased efficiency and reliability.

Finally, e-Procurement benefits vendors beyond monetary savings. Since the use of technology is not restricted by office hours and human errors, the capacity to complete transactions on a real-time basis increases with eProcurement.