ServiceNow Wraps Multiple Functions into One, Neat Portal

What do we want? Service. When do we want it? Now. Put these two answers together and you have CDT’s answer to its new and improved customer service portal – ServiceNow.

The Department migrated its long-standing system, Remedy, over to ServiceNow in September with the goal to provide customers of the State Data Center with an easy to use portal that eliminates redundancy and improves reliability and efficiency. The full scope of ServiceNow’s management capabilities reads like a new car dealer’s options menu and includes Incident, Change, and Customer Service management, Event Service Catalog, and Configuration Management Data Base, to name just a few.

Before ServiceNow went live, CDT held multiple training sessions to acquaint users with the portal and its many functions that provide a unified interface for them to manage their interactions and communication with the State Data Center, which processes 32,000 requests annually. The portal serves as a foundation to expand reporting capabilities and enhance transparency by offering service dashboards and real-time monitoring.

ServiceNow positions the State Data Center nicely to fulfill the needs of its more than 400 government sector customers and the 40 million Californians who rely on them daily.