My Turn opens the “front door” to vaccine access

June 9, 2021 – My Turn was launched four short months ago as an all-inclusive vaccine tool for the public, providers and clinic managers to help get Californians immunized as quickly and equitably as possible.  At that time, if you were to ask “what does My Turn do?” the answer would be different than it is today. That’s because the My Turn system has evolved to meet vaccine distribution needs every step of the way.

The state engaged with the civic tech community during the early days of development to find the most efficient and scalable path forward to speed life-saving vaccine to every corner of the state. At first, My Turn helped move vaccine to specific groups of Californians who were eligible because of job classification or advanced risk. It organized mass vaccination clinics in the hardest hit neighborhoods where most deaths were occurring, and registered everyone else for informational alerts. As eligibility opened up and supply was still limited, the system adjusted to meet the needs of local providers to vaccinate their own county residents, easily roll out new clinics, and meet demand as more and more Californians became eligible.

Today, My Turn is the “front door” to vaccine access. It fills a complimentary role to the large pharmacy and health care organizations by delivering about one-third of vaccines, and also searches appointments from every type of vaccine outlet. Most recently, My Turn has added Veterans Affairs clinics, walk-in search capability, second dose finder, in-home vaccination inquiries, transportation assistance and vaccinations for minors. The system also coordinates text and email notifications regarding COVID-19 vaccination to all Californians regardless of how they obtained their vaccine.  My Turn will continue to evolve to serve expanding eligibility to meet vaccination goals and the state’s reopening on June 15. Still need your vaccination? Visit to schedule, find a walk-in, get your shot at home, or arrange a ride. The website can answer all your questions on California’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.