CALNET Expands Access through Its Video Customer Forum

Sept. 29, 2021—The search for a comprehensive solution to meet an organization’s critical telecommunications and network requirements can prove daunting. The California Network and Telecommunications Program (CALNET) takes the guess work out of making the right decision.

California’s public CALNET program offers customers reliable telecommunications services at reasonable prices through a competitive bid process backed by excellent customer support. Besides state entities, services are available to:

  • Local governments
  • 100% tax-supported entities
  • Government entities with Joint Powers Agreements
  • Federally-recognized Indian Tribes

New as of September is CALNET’s expansive Video Customer Forum that makes it easy to discover how organizations can benefit from the program’s network of services. It is a convenient, online, pre-recorded resource for prospective and current customers to explore the latest CALNET services and its affiliated contractors.

This new video platform provides 24/7 access to the latest information, products, and services with presentations made by both longstanding and new CALNET contractors. For those looking for flat-rate internet services, cloud-hosted VoIP, or a variety of other services, the Video Customer Forum enables users to learn more about CALNET contractors and their products and services.

The Forum presents video presentations on demand that can be replayed at will, as well as information about services, and how to contact contractor representatives. Whether a current CALNET customer or just gathering information, the Forum shows how to improve an organization’s communications.

As of this posting, the following contractors have video presentations available on the customer forum web page:

  • Aspen
  • AT&T
  • Comcast
  • Crown Castle
  • ENA
  • InterVision
  • Lumen
  • NTT
  • Red River
  • T-Mobile
  • Zayo

Stay up to date on all the offerings from CALNET by visiting its Video Customer Forum.