California’s Broadband for All Portal is Live!

March 7, 2022 — Broadband internet service has become essential to modern life. Those without access can miss out on education, work, operating businesses, receiving emergency information, applying for government services, and accessing health care.

Unfortunately, 1 in 5 Californians still lack reliable high-speed broadband – a digital divide that stretches from rural to urban areas and is more often experienced by low-income, tribal, and other historically marginalized communities. The Broadband for All portal supports the efforts called out in the 2020 Broadband Action Plan, that all Californians have access to affordable high-performance internet, devices, and training which are critical components of digital equity.

The Broadband for All portal serves as the one-stop-shop for the state’s broadband efforts – Broadband for All Action Plan, Middle-Mile Broadband Initiative, and Last-Mile and Adoption Programs – and has a wealth of resources for local government and community leaders, internet providers, and the general public. Its features include:

  • Broadband and digital equity planning guides
  • A searchable database of federal and state broadband funding opportunities
  • CPUC’s Speed Test and Interactive broadband map to help state and local agencies plan for broadband deployment and adoption programs
  • Information on meetings and progress on the state’s Broadband for All initiatives
  • Information on affordable internet and device programs, including the Affordable Connectivity Program
  • An application to test internet speed at home or on the go
  • Opportunities for stakeholders to become Broadband for All partners and contribute content

Whether you’re a local government administrator applying for last-mile funding for your constituents, a parent or student searching for affordable internet service providers in your area, or an equity advocate making a public comment about the state’s broadband construction plans, when you come to the portal you will be able to access these and all the state’s broadband efforts in one convenient and central place.

Check out the Broadband for All portal.

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