Statewide Middle-Mile Evaluation Map Available Online

June 21, 2022 – CDT released a full-system evaluation map with 10,000 miles of proposed middle-mile construction spanning the entire state. The map can be viewed on the Middle-Mile Broadband Initiative home page, and includes an accessible list of proposed-build by county broken out in miles.

Caltrans is actively conducting pre-construction analysis on the proposed routes outlined in the map. In the coming months, CDT will evaluate the affordability and identify where the state will be able to build and where it will need to use Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) leases. All projects will be completed by December 2026.

This map was originally presented at the May 20 Middle-Mile Advisory Committee meeting and includes most of the 8,700 mile design proposed by GoldenStateNet during the April MMAC meeting, and all of the CPUC recommended routes as required by SB 156. CDT analysis will include construction cost estimates from Caltrans, updated market assessments for dark (unused) and lit (in-use) service, and updated locations of potential infrastructure that can be leased through IRUs. CDT will continually update the MMBI website as design decisions evolve.