OSPD Makes Improvements to Help Build California’s One Digital Government

A Message from Chi Emodi, Chief Project Officer, Office of Statewide Project Delivery

September 12, 2022 – I’ve heard it said that the road to success is always under construction. At CDT’s Office of Statewide Project Delivery, we’re putting on our hardhats and making our own improvements help departments plan and implement successful projects. We embrace an adaptive, collaborative and iterative approach and our goal is to ensure projects are more likely to stay on the road to success. So we’re best prepared to assist our departments, OSPD has undertaken several internal initiatives to support a stronger and more agile state tech community:   

  •  The ability of OSPD to communicate with its customers quickly and efficiently is paramount and having a sound data storage system isn’t enough. Released last December, the Content Management System (CMS) will ensure our data is organized by improving how we centralize storage, retrieval and portfolio management of critical project records. Since implementation, the CMS has become a central repository and ‘source of truth’ for critical project records. In July 2022, we implemented the High Visibility Project Report (HVPR) to the CMS that provides a point-in-time view of the state’s IT project portfolio health and an automated monthly executive report to ensure our stakeholders stay informed
  • In spring 2022, we launched the Digitalization and Automation Project for Transforming Services (aDAPTS) to modernize OSPD’s business processes and better interact with customers and stakeholders throughout the IT project delivery lifecycle.  OSPD’s team is collaborating with the Office of Data & Innovation to help identify user experience pain points and improve opportunities for project delivery. 
  • Collective information sharing is the bedrock of our latest initiative—the Lessons Learned Repository, which will be a web-based user portal that will let departments share project lessons and create a state knowledge-sharing repository for department use during a project’s lifecycle. The Lessons Learned Repository is at its formative stages of development, so stay tuned for updates in a later edition of CDT Connect.

We’re excited about how these initiatives can save state organizations time and pave the way to make informed decisions and achieve project goals. By making our own improvements and harnessing collective knowledge, OSPD provides the tools to help departments plan and deliver their projects.