Stabilizing State Critical Services

September 12, 2022 – NOTE: CDT’s Stabilization Service is accepting nominations through September 15, 2022. Visit for information. 

 COVID-19, destructive wildfires and public safety power shutoffs demanded CDT respond to multiple crises simultaneously by stabilizing state websites and IT services. In 2021, CDT received funding for the Stabilize Critical Services and IT Infrastructure initiative to address IT stabilization issues and advance toward more reliable, useful, efficient and effective technology focused on public services.  

The stabilization initiative meshes with the statewide IT strategic plan, Vision 2023, which articulates a long-term vision for state technology putting users first, making regular progress and investing in IT foundations. As Vision 2023 states, it is imperative for the state to create a seamless experience for Californians to access public services. By accelerating the move toward common platforms and shared services, embracing user-centered design, and transforming government processes and operations, CDT plays a pivotal role in improving critical service delivery:  

  • Prioritize critical services for assessment and develop and maintain a full list of statewide critical services. 
  • Implement a ‘triage’ diagnostic assessment approach and socialize the plan across state entities, including expectations for engaging during the assessment and acting on findings and recommendations.  
  • Build out service improvement offerings and continue to evolve and expand them over time.
  • Conduct 4-6-week diagnostic assessments and deliver findings and recommendations in a report to improve the stability and scalability of critical systems.   
  • Improve the integrity of critical services by partnering with the system stakeholders and key staff to implement the recommendations provided in the report. This includes providing resources (funding, expertise, etc.) for the remediation efforts. 

To date, CDT has made more than 100 recommendations, and seven department stabilization assessments have been completed with remediation activities underway. Undersecretary Russell Atterberry, whose California Department of Veterans Affairs underwent a stabilization assessment, said he was pleased with the assessment.  

“From my perspective, this has been a very good interaction between the teams. I am so glad we could be a good partner out of the gate for this stabilization program.  It is exciting to see you all usher in new, more efficient ways of doing business for the state of California,” he said. 

Natural disasters that continue to strike California were the impetus for the stabilization initiative. Now, the state is working to ensure that whatever and whenever significant events occur, its technology will continue to operate as designed.