Modernize Your Transit Program With CALNET Cellular Data Plans

October 5, 2022 – For over 20 years, the California Network and Telecommunications Program (CALNET) has made it easy for government entities to order products and services through its statewide contracts. It continues to meet the critical telecommunications and network business needs of over 280 state and 1,800 local government agencies at the best available rates, services and equipment. Now, CALNET has made it easier for local transit agencies to purchase services that help satisfy California Integrated Travel Project (Cal-ITP) initiatives.   

 A ‘Cellular Data Plans for California Transit Agencies’ section has been added to the CALNET webpage. This new section includes pricing and ordering instructions for Cellular Data-Only Service plans.  The new section includes helpful links to the Cal-ITP, Mobi Mart, and Federal Communication Commission (FCC) cellular signal coverage map webpages.   

 It is our goal to ensure local transit agencies can purchase services easily from the CALNET contract to support the implementation of Cal-ITP initiatives while maintaining the flexibility and affordability that comes with being a CALNET customer. 

 Contact the CALNET Customer Service Line, (916) 657-9150, or for more information.