CDT Gives Ovations to Outstanding Employees

December 7, 2022 – CDT’s annual Ovation Award recognizes the accomplishments of individuals and groups within the Department whose exceptional efforts have helped secure better services for Californians. The Performance Excellence Award recognizes an individual whose efforts have gone beyond their typical duties. Keri Nomura, a Staff Services Manager in the Office of Professional Development (OPD), received this year’s top honor. 


Keri manages OPD budgets contracts, and the Information Technology Leadership and Information Security Leadership Academies that provide invaluable training to future leaders in the public sector. She was instrumental in launching the Emerging IT Leaders and Cybersecurity bootcamps, giving an option to those who cannot commit to longer academies or need a more economical alternative for training. In addition, Keri prioritized the planning of open-registration courses that further expand access to highly sought-after trainings. Her proficient work in OPD service offerings and trainings have expanded participation by non-state entities by 433% and non-state employees by 236%.  

Keri’s efforts highlight the invaluable contributions made by many dedicated CDT team members.

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