CDT’s Stabilization Fund Keeps CalOES Prepared

April 5, 2023 – The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) recognizes that disaster can happen anytime and without warning. In response to major emergencies that affect the state, CalOES is ready to take action to protect the lives and properties of Californians. Their critical work is supported by several IT systems that must be stable and scalable. When one of these systems needed improvements in 2022, CalOES turned to CDT’s Stabilization Program for assistance.  

The Stabilization Assessment team conducted over 40 interviews in two weeks with CalOES staff to provide tailored recommendations. Afterward, the Stabilization Remediation team worked on a contract to help CalOES procure a larger profile solution than before, using funds provided by the Technology Stabilization Fund (TSF). CalOES CIO Michael Crews acknowledged the excellent support provided by the program, “CDT went far and beyond and brought [a resource] to us, and they paid for his contract.” Partnering with TSF gives you a team of expert advisers who deftly shepherd a project through the evaluation, solicitation and contract steps of the procurement process.  

The partnership between CalOES and the Stabilization Program led to significant improvements in the efficiency and security of their IT system, which is crucial to an organization where every second counts. A CalOES Financial Operations Branch chief expressed gratitude for the remediation, “This is an amazing improvement and time saver… every employee whether in the field or in the office will experience the difference.” As CalOES knows, it’s better to prepare than repair, especially in an emergency.   

If your state entity has a legacy or unstable system, now is the time to prepare and prevent it before disaster strikes. It can be hard to know where to begin or how to secure funding, but the Stabilization team can help. To learn more about the program or submit a request, visit CDT’s Stabilization Service page