A Green Revolution in the Golden State

By Blaine Wasylkiw, Deputy State Chief Technology Innovation Officer 

May 10, 2023 – California launched the California Climate Action website to provide residents with the resources and information they need to take meaningful action against climate change while also reaping financial benefits. The website is an example of efficient collaboration, a rapid launch timeline and user-focused design. It was created in just six weeks by the California Department of Technology’s Office of Digital Services (ODS), the Office of Data & Innovation (ODI) and the Governor’s Office, and was launched in time for Earth Day. Leveraging the flexibility of the California Design System and the performant, scalable hosting provided by CDT’s CAWeb managed WordPress publishing service, the website showcases just how impressive this accomplishment was in terms of speed and efficacy. 

The website offers a wealth of information and resources for Californians to act against climate change, such as energy-efficient home upgrades and electric vehicle adoption. It helps users understand the direct financial benefits of adopting green practices and provides access to incentive programs, funding opportunities and other resources that make being proactive even more financially rewarding. Focusing on end-users, the project team ensured that the site content is designed to be easily accessible and relevant to all California residents, breaking down complex information into digestible pieces to democratize climate action. 

The California Climate Action website is an example of the power of collaboration, innovation and user-focused design to create a transformative platform. It provides a way for Californians to participate in the fight against climate change and demonstrates how state governments can be agile and effective in addressing pressing issues. As we work towards a greener future, the California Climate Action website serves as inspiration to governments and citizens alike.