Cultivating an Inclusive Culture

June 14, 2023 – Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives have taken a central role in the modern workplace. At CDT, we understand the need to cultivate and know just how inclusive environments reflect the diversity of our great state. We’re implementing several initiatives that illustrate our ongoing commitment to nurturing a culture that values and celebrates cultural diversity, backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and individual identities. 

First, CDT is offering voluntary diversity training for all employees. The educational program underscores the significance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The training equips our employees with the tools they need to foster an inclusive environment. Supplemental training will be available, focusing on handling essential discussions on DEI topics. 

Second, we’ll be holding several events throughout the year that highlight diverse systems, communities and groups that have historically been underserved and underutilized. These events are intended to acknowledge all employees, irrespective of their background, culture, and individual traits, while promoting team bonding and a greater understanding of others. 

Another initiative is to begin reviewing and revising organizational policies through the lenses of equity and inclusion. This ensures fair and equitable policies for all employees and allows us to lead by example to other state departments and government entities. 

Finally, we’ve established a DEI Community of Practice, a forum for employees to share knowledge, ask questions, and learn about sensitive subjects in a safe space. This community provides employees and leadership with a platform to discuss inclusion-related issues and concerns within our organization. 

These initiatives are just some examples of how CDT is striving to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected. By implementing these initiatives, we aim to create a more diverse workforce that is better equipped to meet the needs of our customers, inspire innovative solutions, and empower our employees to be their most authentic selves. These efforts exemplify our conviction that our strength lies not despite our diversity, but because of it.