Finding Purpose in Public Service

May 18, 2022 – More than 235,000 state employees work every day to support California’s nearly 40 million residents. During the first week in May, CDT celebrated Public Service Recognition Week to acknowledge the commitment and dedication of public servants everywhere.

CDT wanted to learn more about what motivates our own public employees, so we surveyed staff to ask what they love about public service, and what keeps them motivated at CDT. Our department employs about 900 civil servants in a variety of IT administrative and management roles. The biggest segment of our staff, 37 percent, have less than 10 years of service, and about 10 percent of our employees have worked 30 more years for the state of California. Regardless of their time in service, a common thread of unity and purpose emerged.


I serve because…

I want to help bridge the technology gap for Californians.

I want the state to be more efficient in how it manages its resources.

I come from a family of public servants and I’m proud of that legacy.

I want to leave the world better than when I found it. We’re all in this together!


I am proud to work at CDT because…

CDT has excellent leaders, a great culture and works on amazing projects.

The work we do makes a difference in so many peoples lives.

I feel like I’m doing my part in keeping this state up to date with current technology.

There are a lot of those who truly care about their jobs, what CDT’s mission and vision are, and want to make a positive impact in public service.


We’re grateful to our employees and other public servants across the state who are dedicated to putting Californians first. If you’re passionate about making a difference and want to join our team, apply with us today.