Empowering Communities: California’s Draft Digital Equity Plan

A message from Liana Bailey-Crimmins, State CIO and CDT Director

December 14, 2023 – On December 12, the California Department of Technology (CDT) released its draft Statewide Digital Equity Plan, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at ensuring every Californian has equitable access to reap the benefits of the digital world. The plan will position the state to receive an allocation of the Digital Equity Capacity Grant funded by the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 that can help close the digital divide for good.  

The plan’s core objective is to identify and then dismantle the barriers that prevent California residents from accessing the internet. These barriers encompass a variety of issues such as the limited availability of high-speed broadband in some areas, the monthly cost of internet service, and insufficient digital skills training.   

The plan expands California’s Broadband for All Initiative by introducing programs and services designed to enable broadband access for all residents, and overcomes barriers through programs like digital literacy training, the introduction of community technology resources known as digital navigators, the distribution of affordable devices, and workforce training.  

CDT actively engaged with 50,000-plus residents and digital equity partners representing our state’s diverse and geographically varied population to craft this comprehensive plan. Their input has been invaluable in shaping this roadmap for digital equity. By combining the feedback from our residents and countless experts with strategic planning, California will undoubtedly remain a national leader in digital equity.  

I encourage all Californians to participate in shaping this transformative plan, which will be available for public comment until January 25, 2024. Your feedback and input are crucial in shaping the future of digital equity in our state.  

To learn more about the Digital Equity Plan and to leave a public comment, visit  www.broadbandforall.cdt.ca.gov/state-digital-equity-plan 

Together, we can ensure that every Californian has the opportunity to thrive in the digital age, and our state continues to lead the nation in the pursuit of digital equity.