California Cloud Services Program: The Cloud Smart Solution for Your Business

October 23, 2023 – CDT is preparing to launch the initial phase of the Cloud Smart-driven California Cloud Services Program. This new approach will help the departments work with customers to tailor solutions that best meet individual department cloud goals and business objectives. This approach is expected to improve cyber security, cloud architecture, workforce readiness, and cost-effectiveness of California’s Cloud services.  

CDT’s new California Cloud Services Assessment (CCSA) is scheduled to launch at the end of October and will partner customers with knowledgeable architects to help determine appropriate and efficient cloud solutions.  The CCSA self-service website will appear in parallel with CCSA process to provide customers with access to FAQs and a step-by-step user guide to aid them through submission and review. CDT will continue to leverage its Customer Engagement Services team to liaise with technical subject matter experts to address customer questions and concerns.  

Because supporting our customers is of upmost importance, CDT is working diligently to prepare the 2024 Cloud Smart Strategic Roadmap, a comprehensive framework defining the necessary steps and requirements to achieve levels of cloud maturity appropriate for each department. Additionally, customers will be equipped with Cloud Readiness and Cloud Adoption playbooks to aid in successful modernization, and CDT will partner with vendors in the development of cloud architectural standards, best practice guides, and training resources for our customers to leverage on the journey to success. 

Keep an eye out for your invitation to CDT’s November Cloud Smart Customer forum, that will address questions related to Cloud Smart policies and processes. 

CDT plans to begin Phase 2, engaging with customers around existing services, in Spring of 2024.