Good Things Ahead

By Jared Johnson, Deputy State Chief Information Officer and Chief Deputy Director of CDT 

January 11, 2023 – We’ve closed the door on 2022 and begun an exciting, new chapter in state technology. But let’s not shut the door quite so fast. In retrospect, there were many important accomplishments and milestones reached in 2022. Liana Bailey-Crimmins was appointed State CIO and CDT Director, and I was fortunate to follow her as Deputy State CIO and Chief Deputy Director. We also brought aboard several new, key executives to help steer us to a bright future.  

Time and again state technology teams collaborated to deliver new products and services, complete important projects, and improve the overall health of California’s critical IT systems. The website and Homeless Data Integration System showed why the state is a leader, not just by delivering important technology but also by providing projects that make a positive difference in the lives of our residents. Our Broadband for All initiative and Technology Modernization Fund reached critical milestones during the year, and they continue to flourish. We developed the California Design System to provide a seamless online experience for Californians when accessing state digital products and services. Our Stabilization Service worked proactively to improve the stability and scalability of California’s most critical systems and IT services. Through a united effort with Caltrans and Monterey-Salinas Transit, seniors were able to verify their eligibility for online discounted fares and link to a contactless debit or credit card thanks to the California Integrated Travel Project (Cal-ITP). 

As we begin our 2023 journey, we will take advantage of exciting opportunities to build and deliver products and services that provide California residents with improved ways to engage with government. Along the way, we will continue to encourage collaboration amongst state and local governments and strengthen our relationships with our vendor partners. I also believe 2023 will bring new opportunities to recruit and develop the state’s IT workforce. The state’s recruitment effort is reaching out to diverse audiences to fill the technology jobs pipeline and propel California forward.  

I want to thank you for your support during 2022, and I look forward to working with you during 2023 as we continue our progress and tackle exciting, new opportunities.  

Happy New Year!