OPD Progress Driven by Changing Workforce

A message from Crystal Holcomb, Deputy Director of the Office of Professional Development (OPD) 

June 14, 2023 – The OPD at CDT has noticed a rise in interest for our academies, boot camps, registration courses and eLearning platform, PACe 

In 2023, the IT Leadership Academy (ITLA) experienced a 12% increase in applicants compared to the previous year, while the Information Security Leadership Academy (ISLA) saw a 21% rise.  Not to be outdone, the Project Management Leadership Academy (PMLA) applications soared over 300% from 2021 to 2023. To meet this growing demand, OPD introduced the Emerging IT Leaders Boot Camp and the Cybersecurity Boot Camp. 

Change is the catalyst for progress, and OPD constantly updates, enhances and transforms our training offerings. Some of the improvements that resulted in record registrations include virtual class delivery, half-day sessions, increased opportunities for students to shadow leaders and subject matter experts, the addition of new courses and expansion of our eLearning library. OPD has also widened the demographic reach for certain academies and boot camps.  

Our open registration courses continue to expand with classes on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Test Management & Planning, Salesforce, and Certification Courses. PACe delivers a low-cost, comprehensive training program packed with thousands of online courses. It includes micro-learning videos that provide focused, topic-based instruction, and eBooks that serve as proven research & reference tools. PACe offers learning anytime and anywhere using a PC or mobile device with an internet connection.  

Training equips individuals with new skills, enhances performance, boosts confidence, and increases employability. By continuously investing in their professional development, individuals can adapt to changing circumstances, remain competitive, and unlock new opportunities in their careers.