Unveiling the Future with California’s New Digital Strategy

A message from Jonathan Porat, State Chief Technology Officer

July 12, 2023 – The release of the new Digital Strategy by the California Department of Technology (CDT), developed in collaboration with the Government Operations Agency and the Office of Data and Innovation, paves the way for a dynamic shift in how technology is utilized, and forges a fresh path forward to innovate and improve user experiences. 

What sets this strategy apart is its focus on core values, particularly accessibility and inclusion. By leveraging cutting-edge and time-tested technology, the state will create resident-centered approaches that improve efficiency, accessibility, and equity in digital services for all Californians. The plan acknowledges the burgeoning interest in transformative emerging technologies like generative AI, blockchain, and quantum computing. 

The strategy is guided by such key values as commitment to digital services, fostering an innovation culture, prioritizing Californians, and nurturing statewide partnerships to build a foundation for technology innovation. With this plan, we have developed a comprehensive framework that empowers all levels of California government and education systems to utilize technology and enhance experiences and services for residents. The strategy embodies our commitment to shape the future and drive impactful change. 

CDT is dedicated to expanding and sustaining California’s culture of innovation. Through technology, we have already made significant improvements in accessibility, efficiency, and equity—ultimately improving the way the state serves its residents. California’s Digital Strategy showcases how CDT is taking the lead in government technology by prioritizing resident-focused digital services now and in the future.