CDT’s Cloud Smart Journey

A message from Jared Johnson, Deputy State Chief Information Officer and Chief Deputy Director  

August 9, 2023 – In the 10 years since CDT’s Cloud First policy was released, much has changed in the world of cloud-based solutions. Under CDT’s previous Cloud First strategy, tech leaders moved workloads and applications to the cloud without a clear digital roadmap or guidance related to critical security measures. We then experienced an abundance of choices, but also a high level of complexity resulting in slower migrations. We’re now aligning with the Federal Cloud Smart Computing Strategy to embrace enhanced security measures and deliver an improved coordinated approach to navigating the cloud environment. The Cloud Smart strategy will improve return on investments, enhance security, prepare the state workforce for success, and offer higher quality services to residents.  

This year, CDT will release a Cloud Smart Strategic Playbook and Roadmap. This guide will outline strategies and operating models for the implementation of Cloud Services across the State, giving departments and agencies actionable steps to adopting the Cloud Smart Strategy. Policies related to Cloud Computing will be modified and/or added to ensure California’s technology services are provided and maintained to the highest standards possible. This policy will be implemented in the coming weeks and will align with the objectives of the new California Cloud Services Program.   

The California Cloud Services Program will deliver a path for Agencies/state entities to migrate to a safe and secure cloud infrastructure and will provide support to achieve consistent, maintainable, cost-efficient delivery of services. The program will focus on five key components of successful cloud adoption:  

  1. IT Security 
  2. Procurement 
  3. Workforce 
  4. Policy and Compliance 
  5. Architecture 

The California Cloud Services Program will build partnerships to improve State security, architecture, procurement, and human capital posture for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) engagements. 

CDT will offer a new California Cloud Services Assessment and review process through the CDT IT Service Portal. Customers will be required to submit design and planning documentation, which will allow CDT to ensure alignment with IT security, architecture, procurement, and workforce requirements and methodologies to best meet service objectives. CDT will review and provide specific recommendations or areas for remediation for new and existing cloud services. Processes and procedures will be made available to customers on the California Cloud Services website soon.  

In addition, CDT will be sunsetting on-premises CalCloud service and replacing it with modern, standard, and secure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform offerings to reduce expenses and improve efficiency. The change to these new services will take effect December 31, 2023. 

 Please send questions related to the California Cloud Services Program to: