GC19130 Justification for IT Personal Services Update

August 9, 2023 – To enhance the efficiency of the state workforce, CDT is introducing new standards in the review of IT personal services contracts. For all IT services, the submission process for GC19130 Justification for IT Personal Services will be modified. All requests for IT Personal Services must be submitted through CDT’s IT Service Portal. This change will involve CDT in the review and evaluation.

The new process will establish standards for reviewing justifications, ensuring each request is adequately assessed and supported. By leveraging CDT’s Shared Services and Professional Consultation, state staff can fully utilize their experience in compliance with Government Code § 19130. This not only ensures adherence to mandatory standards but also leads to cost savings and increased resource utilization for the state.

These changes will take effect later this month, coinciding with the release of a Technology Letter and publishing of the new IT Personal Services Contracts (GC 19130) Review website. The site will include process and requirements for Agencies/state entities.

For questions about the GC19130 Review process, email: